2.5 Inch 2007-18 5.7l Tundra Heavy Kit (OMETUN57HKS)

2.5 Inch 2007-18 5.7l Tundra Heavy Kit (OMETUN57HKS)
MSRP Price: $1,653.00 USD


About the Product

Take the guess work out of ordering your Old Man Emu customized suspension system by order this complete kit with a single part number.This complete Old Man Emu suspension kit is engineered to improve ride and handling while providing approximately 2.5 inches of suspension lift to a Toyota Tundra fitted with a replacement bumper & winch.

Product Features

This complete kit includes:

  • 2613 x 1
  • 90018 Nitrocharger Sport Strut x 2
  • CS055R x 2
  • 60100 Nitrocharger Sport Shock x 2
  • FK32 x 1
  • OMEU53B x 4
  • OMESB106 Spring Bushing Kit x 2
  • OMEGS22 Greasable Shackle Kit x 1
  • OME Decal
  • OME Hat

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