Without an effective lighting system, your truck is rendered virtually useless in all but ideal conditions. Foul weather, night driving and the impending hazard of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road.

When you consider that the average factory headlight only provides enough range to warn the driver of an object on the road a few seconds before it's actually encountered, the importance of an effective lighting system is easy to understand. ARB & IPF engineers consider all aspects of driving light performance when designing each lighting system, especially those related to real world conditions. By focusing light properly in front of the vehicle, ARB & IPF driving lights actually increase visible range thus improving your ability to react and reducing driver fatigue.

ARB relies heavily on Australia's harsh Outback when testing the ARB & IPF driving light line. In a land where constant vibration and a severe climate quickly reveal the weaknesses of any product, the quality, durability and performance of IPF products became evident. From the engineering of mounts, body strength and finish, to the flawless lenses and reflectors, ARB & IPF driving lights continue to lead the industry with proven designs and brilliant optics.

  • IPF Complete Light Kit

    A typical IPF complete light kit - lights, covers, wiring loom, hardware & switch are all included for convenient DIY installation. In most cases, either a spot or driving beam can be selected. The spot beam provides long, narrow light penetration whereas the driving beam gives better lateral spread. Depending on your driving conditions, you can opt for two driving lights or two spot lights.



  • Designed in Australia, built in the USA
  • Available in 9.5" and 7" Round as well as a 20" Light Bar
  • Available in spot or driving beam in round, and spot or combo beam with the light bar
  • High pressure cast A360 aluminium body
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
  • UV stable moulded polycarbonate lens cover
  • Durable UV stable polyester powder coat
  • Gore Breather
  • IP68 certified
  • Deutsch DT-06 waterproof connectors
  • MIL810-STDG vibration certified
  • Color temp - 6500 kelvin
  • Protected against RFI/EMC interference
  • Internal thermal management

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  • Available in spot or driving beam
  • Tough, heavy gauge steel body
  • Submersible to 11.8" for up to two minutes
  • Advanced heatproof resin reflector, incorporating water and dust resistant breather
  • Reflector surface and design optimized to bulb design for ultimate performance
  • Hardened glass lens
  • Advanced IPF 100W H9 halogen bulb with water and dust seal for maximum life and performance
  • Reinforced multi directional mounting base
  • Waterproof connectors on bulb lead and loom connection


  • Rectangular: 6.5"H x 8.5"W x 4.5"D
  • Round: 8.5"H x 8"W x 4.5"D

Complete kit includes

  • 2 lights with weatherproof connectors
  • Complete snap together wiring loom & relay
  • Mouse style LED switch
  • Robust black brush guards or white protective covers on 900XS
  • White protective covers on 800XS



  • Available in driving beam
  • Extra high performance, dual beam lighting system designed for world rally championships
  • H4 bulb produces 100W low beam & 170W high beam
  • Clear, hardened glass lens
  • Double coated, large diameter reflector
  • For competition use only - requires constant airflow when operating high beam


  • 9"H x 8.5"W x 5.5"D

Complete kit includes

  • 2 lights with weatherproof connectors
  • Complete snap together wiring loom & relay
  • Multi function switch
  • Robust black brush guards

868 & 968 SERIES


  • High impact, black resin body
  • 55W & 100W halogen bulbs included
  • Polished, hardened glass lens
  • Multi function reflector
  • Multi direction mounting system
  • Available with round or rectangular body


  • Rectangular: 4.5"H x 7"W x 3"D
  • Round: 7"H x 6.5"W x 3"D

Complete kit includes

  • 2 lights with connectors
  • Complete snap together wiring loom & relay
  • Mouse style switch
  • White protective covers



  • Dedicated fog/foul weather lens pattern
  • 85W high performance H3 bulb
  • Lightweight aluminium housing
  • Pendant style multi directional mounting system
  • Hardened glass lens
  • Supplied as a kit


  • 6.6" x 3.5" x 2.7"

Complete kit includes

  • 2 Lights
  • Complete snap together wiring loom & relay
  • LED toggle switch
  • White protective covers



  • Available in 55/60W, 80/110W, 100/170W
  • 3100K


  • High quality bulbs available in different configurations
  • Higher wattage units designed to be used with performance wiring looms and compatible headlight units
  • 100/170W developed specifically for race applications
  • Available in single packs


When most people consider vehicle lighting improvements they immediately think of driving lights. However, while a good set of driving lights will greatly improve the high beam performance of your 4WD, they won't provide any assistance on low beam. To get optimum lighting performance from your vehicle, we recommend a headlight replacement system be installed in conjunction with driving lights.

Depending on vehicle type, a headlight replacement may include headlight inserts, superior bulbs and a high performance wiring loom. This kind of lighting technology can dramatically improve headlight performance, resulting in night driving being a safer and more enjoyable experience.

  • Rectangle Inserts

    H4 110/80 watt bulb
    Size: 8" x 5.5" x 5" deep

  • Round Inserts

    H4 110/80 watt bulb
    Size: 7" dia. x 4" deep

  • Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2010 Head Lamp Conversion Kit

    H4 55/60 watt bulbs
    Size: 6.6" x 3.5" x 2.7"


"Night has fallen, you've arrived late to your campsite, you're hungry and tired, and with the day's heavy rain, a campfire is out of the question.

With the help of a bright, powerful glow, the versatility of the 16-foot power cord, and the ever practical dual hanging points, the ARB 4x4 Adventure Light series has allowed you to set yourself up for a good nights rest. All accomplished with piece of mind that the low 1 amp current draw has not drained your invaluable battery power."

Tough, compact and lightweight, the 4x4 Adventure Light will connect to a 12-volt car cigarette lighter socket or a portable battery pack. The light output is stunning, yet has a low current draw of approximately 1 amp.

Practically is essential for outdoor activities and the 4x4 Adventure Light is just that, practical. Supplied with a 16-foot power cord with in-lie switch, dual hanging points, and a canvas storage bag, the 4x4 Adventure Light is the perfect accessory for outdoor enthusiasts.

Familiarize yourself with ARB's extensive range of 4x4 accessories, and you'll see they manufacture and stock a quality range of 4WD products to enhance your outdoor experience.

  • 10500010 - 4X4 Adventure Light LED - This light provides maximum light output with minimum amp draw and has a LED life expectancy of 50,000 hours!

  • ARB225 - 4x4 Adventure Light - Utilising a fluorescent tube, the 4x4 Adventure Light is ideal for roadside vehicle repairs, camping and various outdoor activities.


ARB also stocks a line of ancillary lighting products to improve the all-round functionality of your lighting system.

Backup Light

  • Black steel body
  • 55W halogen bulb
  • Prism cut, hardened glass lens
  • Unique switch allows automatic or manual control
  • 4"H x 6"W x 2.5"D
Complete Kit Includes
  • 1 light with weatherproof connectors
  • Complete snap together wiring loom & relay
  • Unique 3-position switch
  • Looms

    ARB's high performance wiring loom is available for high wattage headlight upgrades, although visual improvements are also noticed with low wattage applications where the original vehicle wiring is inadequate.

  • Light Stays

    We strongly recommend fitting IPF light stays to the larger range of lights, where long distance, corrugated terrain is to be encountered.

  • Lock Nuts

    Specially keyed IPF locking nuts will keep your lighting investment safe from theft, and are available to suit all lighting kits.

  • Covers & Brush Guards

    A selection of light covers and brush guards are available - as optional or replacement parts - to suit specific IPF models


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