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Air Locker Bearing Puller 0770001


Part Number: 0770001

Size Chart
As a part of ARBs new Air Locker Tools range of differential service/installation equipment, this specialty tool offers a unique way of removing a differential carrier bearing without the need to get access under the seating face of the bearing cone. ;

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly and easily removes the carrier and pinion bearings from most automotive differentials
  • Provides lower risk of carrier bearing damage and Air Locker seal surface damage
  • Works with most models of ARB Air Locker and OEM differential centers
  • Three different bearing cups allow for use on a wide range of bearing sizes
  • Comes in a durable carry case with a dedicated powder coated parts tray for easy transport and storage
  • Prop 65 No
  • Warranty 3 YR