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Base Rack Kit with Mount and Deflector 61x51 BASE351


Part Number: BASE351

Size Chart
The BASE Rack takes accessories and cargo loading to a whole new level of simplicity, speed, and personalization. The BASE Rack is fully welded aluminum for lightweight strength that doesn't flex under load. It can therefore be mounted close to the vehicle roof for a slimline aesthetic and reduced drag. Its dovetail extrusion attachment system runs the full perimeter of the rack and along each internal beam providing endless mounting and attachment options. Adding, removing, and repositioning accessories and roof loads is quick and easy, and individual items may be installed or removed without disturbing the whole load. Unlike traditional roof rack channels, the BASE Rack dovetail system doesn't collect dust and debris. This kit includes a 61 in (L) x 51 in (W) BASE Rack and mount kit with wind deflector to suit the Ford Bronco. ;

Features & Benefits

  • Fully welded extruded aluminum with a cross beam design, the BASE Rack has no need for a supporting subframe and exerts no flex under load
  • Maximum load per BASE Rack beam is 55 lb
  • Loads must be evenly distributed and adequately secured
  • Extruded aluminum beams feature rigid internal bracing
  • The crossbeam design provides a loading platform for a more versatile range of cargo, particularly long, thin items such as timber
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant surface allows you to easily clean off debris while the black color adds a sleek modern look to your vehicle
  • Removable end caps allow access to the channel for installing hidden electrical cables for roof lighting and solar
  • Unique dovetail mounting extrusion offers greater versatility, flexibility, and speed in accessory placement and attachment
  • The dovetail design means less dirt entrapment and easy cleaning
  • The wind deflector mounted to the underside of the rack results in a quiet driving experience
  • The BASE Rack is 61 in (L) x 51 in (W) and approximately 37 lb
  • The added minimum height to the vehicle is 3.15 in
  • Net payload is 285 lb per vehicle manufacturer stated load carrying capacity
  • Suits 4-door models with OE Hardtop only

Kit Components

    • Color Black
    • Finish Integrit Textured Powder-coat
    • Material Aluminum
    • Prop 65 No
    • Net Payload 285 lb
    • Attachment Type Dovetail Extrusion
    • Warranty 3 YR
    [{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Badlands","Liter":"2.3","CC":"2300","Block type":"L","Cylinders":"4","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Badlands","Liter":"2.7","CC":"-","Block type":"V","Cylinders":"6","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Base","Liter":"2.3","CC":"2300","Block type":"L","Cylinders":"4","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Base","Liter":"2.7","CC":"-","Block type":"V","Cylinders":"6","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Big Bend","Liter":"2.3","CC":"2300","Block type":"L","Cylinders":"4","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Big Bend","Liter":"2.7","CC":"-","Block type":"V","Cylinders":"6","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Black Diamond","Liter":"2.3","CC":"2300","Block type":"L","Cylinders":"4","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Black Diamond","Liter":"2.7","CC":"-","Block type":"V","Cylinders":"6","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Outer Banks","Liter":"2.3","CC":"2300","Block type":"L","Cylinders":"4","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Outer Banks","Liter":"2.7","CC":"-","Block type":"V","Cylinders":"6","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Wildtrak","Liter":"2.7","CC":"-","Block type":"V","Cylinders":"6","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2021","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"First Edition","Liter":"2.7","CC":"-","Block type":"V","Cylinders":"6","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2022-2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Everglades","Liter":"2.3","CC":"2300","Block type":"L","Cylinders":"4","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Heritage Edition","Liter":"2.3","CC":"2300","Block type":"L","Cylinders":"4","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"},{"Year":"2023","Make":"Ford","Model":"Bronco","Submodel":"Heritage Limited Edition","Liter":"2.7","CC":"-","Block type":"V","Cylinders":"6","Fuel type":"GAS","Doors":"4"}]