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Fire Pit 10500200


Part Number: 10500200

Size Chart

The ARB Fire pit is a 5-piece design that includes a base plate which holds the coals and heat inside the pit, while the top edges are folded with integrated tabs to secure the cooking grill.

Keeping the unit simple to transport and easy to set up and (pack up!), each piece slots together with no tools required and collapses down before neatly tucking away into the canvas carry bag (supplied).

Weathered look:
REDCOR® steel is meant to get a rust look and form a patina. This look and finish are the actual desired look and finish of this material and is not a warranty concern. The steel was specifically picked to do this and some customers may have concern around this, but this is the finish and look we aimed for. The patina will actually provide additional protection to the firepit and keep in good use for years to come, note this is not warranty concern.



  • Pit material:  3mm REDCOR® steel

  • Grill material:  4mm mild steel