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Farm Jack Handle Keeper 10100112


Part Number: 10100112

Size Chart
The ARB Handle Keeper keeps the jack handle in place and stops annoying rattling when mounted to the vehicle. It is suitable for most farm jacks and Hi-Lift jacks. Made from EPDM rubber, it's the perfect choice of material to be used, because of its versatility and usage in low or high temperatures. It has great UV resistance for being mounted up high on vehicles and exposed to the elements, as well as good resistance to automotive washing chemicals. The thick, outer exterior aligns the handle of your jack and keeps everything in place and ready for its next use. The ARB Handle Keeper keeps your handle locked in place and reduces the noisy rattle the jack can make. Not compatible with ARB Jack. ;

Features & Benefits

  • Aligns and holds handle firmly aligned with the jack
  • Reduces rattle during transportation and storage
  • Made of durable, UV-resistant EPDM rubber
  • Easy to remove before using your jack, and put back on
  • Suitable for 48 and 60 Hi-Lift Jacks and farm jacks
  • Unit size: 5.1 in x 2.5 in x 1.96 in
  • Not compatible with ARB Jack
  • Prop 65 No
  • Warranty 3 YR