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NACHO Quatro LED Auxiliary Light Combo Set PM411


Part Number: PM411

Size Chart
NACHO Quatro Combo: Unleash the Power of Versatile Lighting. ; Experience the ultimate lighting versatility with the NACHO Quatro Combo. This powerhouse combines a precision-engineered combo beam featuring TIR optics and flood lenticular technology. This beam combination provides a wide coverage area and a focused down-range spotlight, making it ideal for various lighting needs. With 120 watts of raw power, these lights deliver an impressive 10,486 lumens of effective brightness and an astounding 124,000 candela per set. Get ready for a wide beam coverage and a focused down-range spotlight that will leave you in awe. ; Pair the Quatro Combo with a set of Quatro Spots for an unbeatable lighting combination that will illuminate the darkest trails and conquer any off-road challenge. With their sleek 4-inch pod design and user-controlled features, the Quatro lights offer unrivaled control over your lighting setup, allowing you to customize the perfect illumination for every adventure. ;

Features & Benefits

  • Utilizes a white back light designed as a Trail Running Light, bringing additional safety during daylight driving conditions
  • Utilizes a wide spread light pattern and a 9.5 degree spot beam
  • Comes with 2 Amber Covers and 2 Smoke Covers
  • Includes a stainless steel universal mount bracket and chrome plated mounting hardware
  • Pressure Equilizing Vent
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Heat Sink
  • Polycarbonate Lens For Impact Protection
  • A Lifetime of Memories
  • Weight 1.2 lb (Single)
  • Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
  • Color Temp 5700
  • Dimensions 4 inches (Single)
  • Watts 60 per Light (Max, any mode)
  • Spread 35 degrees (Widest Beam Width, any beam)
  • Effective Lumens 10,486 (Pair, Max, High Beam)
  • Distance At 1 Lux 352 meters (Pair, Highest)
  • Output Raw Lumens 14,400 (Pair, Max, High Beam)
  • Output Effective Lumens 10,486 (Pair, Max, High Beam)
  • Warranty Lifetime

Product Highlights