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Single Swag Bag


Part Number: 10100385

Size Chart

Like the large Stormproof Bag, this Swag Bag features molded rubber carry handles on either end along with a removable shoulder strap. Unique to the swag bags are four adjustable tie-down straps integrated into the bag to allow it to be secured to a roof rack without the need for additional straps. 

The bag does not have a rigid floor insert like the other Cargo Gear bags and relies on the swag to maintain its shape and seal. They are not waterproof if submerged in water. It is therefore not recommended they be used to carry electronic equipment when stored outside the vehicle.


  • Outer shell made from tough, Oxford weave PU coated fabric and rubber paneling
  • All seams are heat sealed and taped to ensure storm proofing
  • Roll up top closure with Sure Grip buckles to create water resistant seal
  • Removable body curve shoulder strap
  • Grab handles on either end of bag



Single:39.3” long x 17.7” diameter