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Supergrip Sand Pegs ARB4158A


Part Number: ARB4158A

Size Chart
The ARB Supergrip Sand Peg has been updated to a larger 14.6-inch size ; a considerable change from its smaller predecessor. Still keeping the strong, durable polycarbonate materials that you expect in a high-end peg, it will handle strong, consistent winds and sudden gusts alike. The ARB Supergrip Sand Peg features multiple attachment points and a bright orange color for visibility. Comes in a four-pack. ;

Features & Benefits

  • 14.6 inches long
  • Strong, durable polycarbonate construction
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Bright orange for visibility
  • 11.4 oz total weight, four-pack
  • Prop 65 No
  • Warranty 3 YR