The harsh conditions of the Australian Outback are extremely demanding, and standard brush guards and grille guards simply aren't strong enough to survive. For this reason, ARB pioneered the bull bar, designed specifically for maximum strength and reliability, to last in these tough conditions. And after years spent modifying and refining this design, the ARB bull bar is the most highly regarded 4x4 frontal protection system in the world.

Unlike most brush guards and grille guards, ARB bull bars incorporate a fully engineered mounting system which completely replaces the standard bumper. During the design process, careful consideration of numerous factors ensures it will properly serve its purpose.

ARB manufactures winch compatible bull bars and Sahara bars for most 4WDs - they provide the quality protection you expect, without compromising design and aesthetics.


With an air bag equipped 4x4 it is essential that the vehicle's crush rate and air bag triggering is not altered when a bull bar is installed. To ensure compatibility, ARB assesses each vehicle's frontal crush characteristics and replicates the crush rate into the design of each air bag compatible bull bar and its mounting system. This method enables engineers to achieve maximum possible vehicle and passenger protection without affecting the crash pulse. ARB has invested heavily in vehicle crash barrier tests to validate the performance and compliance of its air bag compatible bull bars, and as a consequence, our bars offer a far greater level of protection than most standard brush guards and grille guards. 

Please note that a few of the bumpers for older model vehicles are not air-bag compatible, refer to the Vehicle Application Guide for confirmation.


  • Laser Cutting

    Every bumper starts off as a flat piece of steel sheet. The components are cut into shape using ARB's in house laser cutters, which produce superfine cuts of 0.008" without any heat distortion. This process results in 100% accuracy, which is maintained throughout the fabrication of the bull bar.

  • Folding

    The flat pieces of steel are then folded to make up the sections of the bull bar on a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine which ensures maximum accuracy and consistency. Most of our bull bars utilize ARB's five fold design, which provides increased strength with each fold.

  • Robot Welding

    Subsequent to being folded into shape, each section is welded utilizing a robot welder. Robot welders are used for straight-forward, repetitive welding jobs that require speed and accuracy.

  • Robot Grinding

    A robot grinder then grinds the welded sections down so they are level and visually appealing. ARB's unique grinder is torque and pressure sensitive, and incorporates both a grinding belt and a finishing belt so the end product is guaranteed to be smooth.

  • Tube Work

    ARB's bull bars are made with strong 0.1" wall thickness tubing. The tube is cut to the desired length and bent with a CNC Eagle internal mandrel bender, ensuring consistency and even wall thickness across all sections.

  • Assembly

    When individual components are complete, the bull bar is assembled. All sections - pan, wing, uprights, outer frame and chassis brackets are placed in a jig and tack welded. This is followed by finish welding for strength and aesthetics.

  • Post Assembly

    When individual components are complete, the bull bar is assembled. All sections - pan, wing, uprights, outer frame and chassis brackets are placed in a jig and tack welded. This is followed by finish welding for strength and aesthetics.


ARB deluxe bull bars are particularly suitable for North American backcountry driving, where the threat of wandering wildlife is constant. Deer, moose and bears pose a constant threat to motorists, and an ARB deluxe bar is the best defense available.

Please note - some technical features may differ between models.

  • Being the furthest most point of the bull bar from the truck's chassis, and often the point of impact in the event of an animal strike, the wing area of the bull bar is by far the most vulnerable. ARB pioneered the five fold upswept and tapered wing design, which provides enormous strength and maintains an optimum approach angle. ARB deluxe bars come in a durable black powder coat with the option to colour code.


ARB Sahara bars are one of the most technically advanced and innovative protection systems available, sharing many of the strength related characteristics of a traditional ARB bull bar design.

  • Finished in a durable powder coat
  • Optional polished center hoop
  • Split pan design for excellent cooling
  • Air bag compatible mounting system
  • Automotive grade polyurethane buffers
  • Provision for electric winch and driving light fitment
  • Recessed IPF or ARB fog lights (optional)
  • Five fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle


The Jeep Wrangler Stubby bar has been developed for the off-roader who is after a winch platform all while maintaining maximum clearance for larger diameter tires. Generally vehicles that run larger than 35 inch tires may rub the tire on the wings of a traditional style ARB Deluxe bar. The Stubby bar eliminates this issue since the bar is only as wide as the vehicle's grille.

Even though the bar itself is very compact it still has many features. Each outer wing section features Hi-Lift jacking points. Bracketes are provided for fitment of driving lights to the bar. And sitting on top of the 3" (76mm) main tube is a mount that can be used for LED light bars or communication antennas. Central on each outer wing section are .79" (20mm) thick 350 grade recovery points which tie through the wings and into the chassis mounts directly.

The winch platform will allow the mounting of most traditional low mount style winches and narrow mount pattern competition type winches. 

  • Manufactured from 4mm laser cut and folded steel sheet
  • .79" (20mm) 350 grade steel recovery points
  • 3" (76mm) ERW center frame tube
  • Finished in ARB's Integrit textured powder coat finish
  • All hardware zinc plated for corrosion resistance


Built to the same uncompromising standards as our bull bars, all ARB tire carriers incorporate a heavy duty towing system and depending on the vehicle may accommodate one or two tires or a jerry can holder.

There are many benefits associated with fitting a tire carrier to a vehicle. Many 4x4s have their spare tire positioned underneath the vehicle making it difficult to access and vulnerable to damage, particularly in harsh off road environments. Others have their spare tire mounted on the back door, which can place stress on the door hinges, resulting in rattles and compromised dust sealing as increased wear is put on the door assembly. Both of these mounting methods can also prove unsuitable if a larger tire size is sought. An ARB tire carrier addresses all of these issues, relocating the spare tire onto the bumper assembly via a swing out carrier.

Operation of the swing out carriers couldn't be simpler. Slight pressure applied to a lever opens each carrier with a gas strut assisting this process. The strut holds the carrier in the open position, with engagement of a locking pin only being necessary if the vehicle is on an extreme side angle. The carrier can be closed with a simple slam shut, with the spring loaded locking pin automatically disengaging as soon as the weight is released.


  • Wheel/jerry can carriers can be optioned on either side of the rear bumper on most vehicle models
  • A single carrier can be fitted, or the rear bar can be installed without any carriers whatsoever. Neat, insert panels are used instead
  • Twin 33" or a single 35" tire can be accommodated on most vehicle models
  • Carriers are mounted via dual shear pivots for maximum strength
  • Spare tire is secured to the stud plate with a lock nut, an optional padlock locks the stud plate to the carrier
  • Multi fit spare wheel stud system provides flexibility for alternative rim selection
  • Wing sections can be removed and replaced if they sustain damage
  • Heavy duty towing system, complete with removable hitch and terminated wiring loom
  • Dual, laminated towing points & Hi-Lift jacking points
  • Extruded alloy step section
  • Supplied in a grey metallic powder coat
  • Provision to mount an optional CB antenna bracket and camp light



  • Accepts up to a 35-37" spare tire (depending on model)
  • Multi Fit spare wheel stud system to accomodate aftermarket lug patterns
  • Recovery Points
  • Hi-Lift jacking points
  • Mounting provisions for aftermarket back up light (optional IPF part number 8161)
  • Durable black powder coat finish



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